Saturday, September 28, 2019

Rehabbing on Florida's West Coast

Starting this new blog at Choice Property Solutions, we thought about a good place to begin and decided to review our latest project – the proverbial worst house in the neighborhood – 1700 Trotter Rd, in Largo FL This will be a brief overview and we will follow up with some of the gory details in later posts. It's all fun and games until you have to start spending money.

Front of subject house 

Second bathshed with something missingUnfinished window job

Yes, it looked pretty bad. Terrible even. We purchased the property from a nice lady who needed a place to live and the dilapidated home was all she could afford. She was ovecharged for an HVAC system which helped her run short of funds before she ran of work – but the unit worked beautifully and we were happy to have it. Fortunately her offspring wanted her to move in with them out of state. We stepped in so she could recover much of her investment and move to more suitable quarters.

Before she left she literally pulled down a portion of an attached shed and managed to clean it up a good bit. However there was still much to be done.

For those starting out looking for deals, we found this one on Craigslist. Of course other investors got wind of the property just as we did. Some offered more money than we did, but their terms did not meet her needs. It pays to listen to prospective sellers.

So after the buzzing of saws and banging of hammers ceased, we ended up with a pretty nice house. Check out the video.

See you next time...