Saturday, February 15, 2020

Tools To Keep Up Your Home Happy

We've written about some tools in the past but have not addressed the needs of the average home owner or apartment dweller who just wants to be able to take care of a few things around their home, perhaps hanging blinds or fixing broken furniture. This is not aimed at the professional contractor or even the serious amateur who enjoys his tools as much as the results of their work.

If you are just starting out or if you only have a few odd tools lying about you probably would be better off looking at a small packaged tool set. There are several reasons for this.

These packages are generally less expensive than buying the pieces individually. They reflect the experience of the professionals who put them together. By that I mean that they include things you may not pick up if you just bought bits and pieces. You may think that they are just throwing in some extra items to increase the count, but over time you will probably uses most everything that is included – and you will have saved yourself a trip or two to the hardware store to get the tools you didn't know you needed. Then there is the added benefit of having the container to keep them all together so they don't become lost in the distant reaches of the proverbial kitchen tool drawer.

What should a basic set include? Items like a hammer, pliers, tape measure, screw drivers. These should include a flat blade and phillips head. A utility knife and an adjustable wrench should complete the basic set. This type of set should handle most chores around the house.

Many come with molded plastic cases. These are great for protecting the tools and making it obvious if any are missing before putting them away until the next job. The only drawback is that there is no provision for adding pieces as you move on to more ambitious tasks. Pieces you may want to add are things like a set of allen wrenches, specialty screw or nut drivers, tools for minor plumbing fixes and the like.

This tool kit comes with all the household essential tools you would need for almost all minor maintenances. Multi-function and perfect for home improvements and DIY projects including furniture assemblying,lighting, woodwork, plumbing repair,car repairs and many more.

If you are more ambitious, some of the larger tool sets that include ratchets and sockets, more specialized pliers and open and/or box end wrenches. This is what you need if you are going to work on your car or truck. Keep in mind that these sets should include SAE and metric sizes as even domestic manufacturers have succumbed to the metric movement. They tend to forget that there are two kinds of countries in this world: those that use the metric system and those who put a man on the moon. However this is is something to keep in mind when looking at some of the larger tools sets.

This package contains a full socket and ratchet set, several pliers, magnetic tip screw drivers in a molded carrying case to keep everything neat and in place.

Once these basic hand tools are in place, a good cordless drill is helpful for many jobs around the house. You don't need a super powerful unit for drilling into concrete and stone, but you want one that last longer than the immediate job as, once you have one, you will be amazed at the uses you will find for it. These can be bought individually or with a few accessories. You can even get some that will include some of the basic tools we discussed at the beginning.

This variable speed drill features a 20 volt Lithium Ion battery, drill bits, various pliers, magnetic tip screw drivers, hole cutters and a few other goodies in the package. The drill is also available by itself if that is all you need.

While puttering around the house does not require professional grade tools, good quality is never a bad investment. Most of my hand tools have served me well ever since I got out of high school and spent my Sunday afternoons at Vargo Dragway back in southeast Pennsylvania. Oh yes, they were Craftsman tools from good old Sears Roebuck. Power tools don't last forever, but if you don't do something stupid with them, a decent wrench should last almost forever. Take a look at some of these items, they may be just the thing to get your next job done.


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