Saturday, August 29, 2020

The Value of Video

Even with the fear of the Chinese flu, homes are still being listed, bought and sold. Videos have been around for quite a while but they have become especially useful these days as many people are attempting to avoid as much personal contact as possible. This is good news as realtors still need to sell homes and some owners need to, or at least want to, sell their property.

We Have Photographs, Why Do We Need Video?
A company as tech-savvy as Microsoft did an experiment with ads comparing still images and those with motion. They found that the motion pulled 110% better than still images alone. You can read about the results here.

Many years ago when was in college, I did an experiment where I had ten items. I presented them in two sets with five showing movement and five static. The movement status was reversed from one set to the other. These were the real old days as I was using Super8 film at the time. The results were that after the showing, the subjects recalled 20% more of the images with motion than those without.

Other studies, similar, but much more extensive than mine, showed the same results. My project was simply a replication of prior academic efforts and further proved the concept that motion captures the attention and is retained longer than static images - all else being equal. Through zooming, panning and camera movement the video can ensure that special features are not missed.

Of course, there are iconic still photographs that stick with the viewer forever, like the burning Hindenberg or the sailor kissing the girl on a New York street at the end of World War II. However, unless there is something amazingly unique about the property, it's doubtful that this sort of memory will come into play.

The Time for Video is Now!


One of the things people hate most about selling their property is the bands of visitors traipsing through their home, gawking at all their possessions. A good video will not eliminate this completely but can keep the number from being too annoying.

Even a marginal video helps filter out the serious buyers who would have no interest in the property after seeing it and it eliminates all but the most ambitious lookie lous. It saves the realtor time and you don't have to run around the house cleaning up every time you go out in case a realtor wants to use the lockbox to show your place. These things still happen but not nearly as often because of the filtering process.

On the other hand, your house can be shown to many more people with much less effort than if everyone had to come through personally. This is especially helpful for buyers moving into the area if they have a limited time to spend looking. They can see if your house has potential for them before setting foot on your porch.

How Much Does It Cost?


At the low end, there are free services where you can take some pictures yourself and upload them to a web-based system that will link them together in a video. If you are good with a camera, this may work out well. If not, you get what you pay for.

You can spend several hundred dollars or more and have a professional take some really nice pictures and put them together in a video. You can even get a videographer to create a smooth walkthrough with an artistic presentation.

Between the two, is a service we provide where you can take some pictures and have them straightened, cropped and massaged into some pretty nice stills that can then, be edited into an effective presentation. If you're not sure you can take pictures that are good enough, check out our blog post Pictures Sell the Property for some tips.

Where To Get This Done


If you have an agent and they have been around for a while, they will most likely get some form of video done as a matter of course. It is worth the money.

If you are selling it yourself, you can look in the yellow pages – oh okay, online - and find someone to do the job. We provide the massaging and editing service if you want to give it a try. You can learn more here.

No matter how you get it done, a video will get your property in front of more people and create more interest among the pool of serious buyers.

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